All of our packages include:

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We provide valuable website planning sessions. These sessions help us to better understand your company, your goals and your customers. We take time to:

  • Focus on the needs of your customers
  • Organize your product categories in the most logical way
  • Discover your unique selling points
  • Plan for an awesome design

The result? A website that is useful to customers and that gets more sales. Better planning means your project will go smoother and you'll love the results.


Our web designers are super talented and will create any type of custom design you want. Maybe you want a website that looks clean and high-tech, or maybe you want a badass grunge look with mud splatter. Whatever you want, we can do it!

Each of our web designs are 100% custom tailored to your business - your website is a great way to express yourself!


Our custom web programming means that each site is built to meet the specific needs of the project. This is not a web template; your site is developed just for you. Programmer Patrik Hertzog has over 14 years of programming experience building web designs with complex functionality. His knowledge of multiple programming languages, including the ability to completely customize Bigcommerce code, allows him to encode virtually anything.


"Web content" refers to everything but the design layout. It includes your site's text, photos, videos, downloads, etc. Content is important for two major reasons. First - your content educates your customers and helps them buy your products. Second - your website's content is how Google and other search engines index and rank your website.

All of our web design packages include placing your content. Our professional content writer is available to write or edit text content, and our photographers are available to create unique photo content.


We will teach you how to manage your own website - you won't have to come to us for every small change you need to make. We will patiently walk you through using the Bigcommerce admin tools and give you the power to keep your website current and fresh. We can also answer any other technical questions you have.

If you prefer to keep it simple, you can submit your content changes to us directly and we will update for you.


At APeC, we are here to help you and your website be successful. All of our web design packages include two months of free support; our support services are available on an hourly basis after that two months. We are happy to help our clients with technical issues at any time if there is any problem with our work. Support can be accessed by email or by calling us directly at (360) 733-9377.