Additional Services

Make / Model / Year Lookups

Search Spring - starting at $499 per month

SearchSpring® lifts ecommerce performance by unleashing the findability of your products with advanced site search and category navigation solutions. Our platform has feature-rich tools like Product Finder that groups specific products together for easy, instant results. Backed by IntelliSuggest®, SearchSpring organizes the product display in real-time to provide the best possible outcome and shopping experience. Convert more sales by driving focused shoppers directly to highly relevant items!

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Aftermarket Product Data Service

SEMA Data Co-op - $100 per month, Free to SEMA members

With over 300 after market auto part manufacturers managing their data in it's system, the SDC is rapidly becoming the definitive centralized point for building, storing and distributing auto part product data in compliance with the established auto industry data standards. Once approved by the manufacturer, you can access their data as frequently as you like, even daily net change updates. The SDC is making product data available in near real-time, and formatted for the requirements of your new eCommerce website. A manufacturer can upload a new product today, and you can have it on your site tomorrow!

Also, the SDC provides data free to SEMA members! As long as your company is a member of SEMA in good standing, you will enjoy unlimited access to all approved Suppliers at no cost. Non-SEMA members only pay $100 per month for unlimited access to the SDC. You can contact the membership department at SEMA (call 909-610-2030 or e-mail to join.


Sample Logos Every professional company needs at least a simple logo. It makes your company recognizable and memorable. APeC offers in-house logo design of all kinds. We build every logo from scratch so you can register yours as a trademark. Logo development is billed at $100 per hour, so typical logos range from $300-$600.


Sample Logos We have a full service photography studio here at APeC, where we produce high quality photos for our clients’ websites. Many of our clients hire us to create high-impact images for their main banners, to make the best use of that critical screen real estate. We also do clean and consistent product photography that can be used both on your website and off. Call us anytime to discuss the details your photography needs and find out just how much we can do for you!


Let's face it, we are not all professional writers. Good content has a major impact on both user experience and search engine ranking. If you want to make your life easier and improve the effectiveness of your website, consider hiring our in-house content writer to help you edit your content, or even do all the writing for you!


One of the most important factors for the success of your online store is how you market it. You can have the most user-friendly and attractive website in your market and won't make solid income without the right marketing approach to drive buyers to your store! For those of you who want to make a serious marketing push and outsource all efforts to a proven firm, we recommend Search Placement. They are 100% based in the USA and follow all Google guidelines for their marketing strategies. They are also a Google certified Adwords partner and have been Awarded top 10 SEO firm by topSEO's.

We have had multiple clients who have worked with Search Placement and have experienced their effectiveness first hand. Their marketing approach is very similar to SEO companies like MOZ and SearchEngineWatch but a fraction of the price. Search Placement combines offsite SEO outreach with Social Media to maximize results and future proof your website for upcoming Google changes. Search placement offers APeC clients a free and in depth SEO audit (regularly $500). 
Simply use the form below to get your analysis. There is no obligation whatsoever.

What Search Placement Will Do For You